Depressed, & not good at anything, really? 

Question:  I am not good at studies and not even in other activities. Whenever I see qualities in myself, I just see the negative points. Why am I here on this earth?

There is nothing in me on which I can say yes this is my plus point.

Not good at anything? Really? Compared to whom specifically? Some people cannot even read or write. Some people are born with disabilities, some are born in harsh environments without any resources.

You are good at noticing negative things, how about that ?. Yeah, it’s different. But know that you are good at a pattern, Reverse it.

Start noticing good things about you and the world. Poverty conscience mindset says “There’s not enough opportunities, there are no jobs, it’s very hard to make money, there’s no quality education, there’s no love, world is cruel.”.

Abundance Conscience says “There’s so many opportunities around, i can do this & that, i can find ways to get that job/opportunities, i can learn in a different way, i can care for others and receive the same in return”

I bet there are many things that you are good at, driving a bike, walking, reading, writing, using Internet and so on. And if you write down a list, you’ll be surprised, I know it’s sounds cheesy, nerdy, but it works.

Shift to results, see the positives in yourself every morning, work on getting good at studies, by good think you may mean excellence, which is through practice , patience.

Have a log of your victories. Work on and develope new passions. Take small actions everyday, and you will be surprised to see the victories you in a few months.

Exercise, hang out with friends, do what you love, love thyself as well.

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