Power To Act & Power To Communicate

Hero’s Journey Article Series as published in Life365 Newspapers. Part4/4.

“He felt he was socially challenged, he had few friends. He thought he was not able to talk with people and make friends. He felt alone, worthless with little confidence. He was intelligent but full of doubts about himself and future. He craved for being cool and hanging out with many friends. And of being a college stud. He couldn’t understand how other classmates were so dashing and had a personality. “I have no personality” he thought to himself.”

Words are, in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic, capable of both inflicting injury and remedying it”, J.K Rowling wrote this line for the character of the Wise Headmaster Dumbledore in her world famous series “Harry Potter”. No need to tell more. Power to Communicate and Power to Act are our powers which directly affect the quality of our lives.

You can create through your powers the most beautiful thoughts in the world or feel good, even while not creating what you want. But the power to think and emote are really working when you are creating what you want, by your powers to Communicate and Act. When you align what you are thinking and feeling to speaking and doing, viola, you have developed your innate super powers that every human has, but mostly lies unused and worse doubted and used in destructive manner for self and others.

Your power to communicate is the most influential power in the world, just list the most famous people in the world, what makes them famous?. Like all other powers, this needs to be practiced, especially with people, mostly unknown and different. Ever talked to someone really intimidating or from a very different background? you know the challenges.

So, how to develop your communication skills, COMMUNICATE with anyone, everyone. Get the hell out there and talk with anyone. No one cares, they are all in their own worlds. What they think and say is theirs, what you think and say is yours. In the age of whatsapp and facebook, people actually care for talking the old way, with anyone who is without judgement and honest.

Be yourself, even if you are fearful. Even tell them, if it’s overwhelming, people like honesty and they hate the fakes. Know that you are on an assignment, a mission, a job to develop your power to speak and act. Power to take actions, is really to do what you want, whether it is to make that call, meet a person, go for an interview, ask someone out, make friends, start your own business, go to the gym and so on.

Exercise/Assignment: Get 30 No’s in a Week. Go out and ask people something that they will say no for, but do it as an attempt to get a yes. Ask for a discount, ask for a date, ask for a favour, ask for a meeting, ask for a raise/promotion, ask for anything that you find challenging. But you have to make an attempt to get an yes, it’s a no then great you are completing your exercise. Just do it, use thinking to make it happen. See for yourself, what happens after completing your assignment. Tell me. Own your Powers, Use it to Create what you want. Use the Hero’s Powers, The Hero Within, Hail the Hero’s Journey!!

Author: B.Raj Neuro-Linguist, BA(Psychology)

Copyright @ B Raj.

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